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Adrenalin Junkies, take a look at your next heart pounding experience

The scariest, craziest, tallest, fastest, muddiest, deepest, wettest experiences on the face of the planet. Experience the adrenalin rush as you bungee jump from a bridge or go paintballing with friends.

Skydiving & parachuting will get the heart pumping whether it's indoor skydiving at Europe's first ever skyventure windtunnel in Bucks or a full blown Tandem Skydive.

Try something different with sphereing, an extreme sport where you're rolled down steep hills inside a 12' inflatable sphere at speeds of up to 30mph or wakeboarding, a thrilling mix of snowboarding and surfing.

Imagine the adrenaline as you take charge of a tank while firing the paintball cannon on a challenging course set on a former WWII bombing range.

Test your skills aboard the future of two-wheeled transportation with a Segway Rally. Get kitted out in your safety gear, take a short training session then it's out on the rally track to show off your twists and turns!

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