Driving Dreams Lifestyle Voucher

Driving Dreams Lifestyle Voucher

An activity gift creates a memory that will last a life time and with this Driving Dreams Voucher you are giving your recipient the ability to choose that memory.

You may have thought you would only ever get to drive a Delorean in your dreams, but no! It is now possible to take this iconic time travelling machine for a blast just like Doc and Marty.

If you love Top Gear and have ever wanted to have The Stig drive you round the Top Gear race track, that can now be arranged. There are ten Top Gear experiences to choose from including the Top Gear's 4x4 Experience and Hot Lap with The Stig in which The Stig will blast you around the track for a ride of a lifetime. Once released you'll learn the art of driving through muddy gullies, steep inclines and through water ditches on a 4x4 adventure.

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F1 Driving

Get ready for the UK's only F1 driving experience! Start with five demo laps in a sports saloon, before driving the saloon for ten laps. Then drive for six miles in both the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the Ferrari 360. Drive ten laps in a single-seater Formula Ford behind a pace car before enjoying seven un-paced laps before upgrading to a stunning Formula 3 single-seater for ten laps.

Now the main event! Ten laps in either the 1996 Italian Forti-Corse FG03 or the 1994 Arrows FA14, both redefine notions of speed and road handling and provide a huge adrenaline rush!

Rally Driving Experience
Now it's your chance to experience getting behind the wheel of a pro rally car. Learn all the tricks with a fully trained instructor by your side.
Supercar Experience
Whether you choose a Ferrari, Corvette, MGTF or a Lotus Elise this is sure to fulfil anyone's need for speed. Pro instruction will allow you to make the most of the car.
Stock Car Championship Day
Real motor racing, in real racing cars on a real racing track. Race against fellow participants in a high speed stock car championship, driving real F2 stock cars. Also drive 'Professionals' off-road challenge in Capris, 'Delboy Challenge' in Robins + more.
Military Vehicle Driving
From Chieftain tanks to SAS woodland patrols, this is a great chance to get a taste of action and adventure. At various locations you'll also be able enjoy weapons demonstration, quad biking or a ride in the amphibious Hagglund tank.

Harley-Davidson Riding

Any Harley-Davidson fan is sure to love this action-packed motorcycling experience. Enjoy a wild ride on a genuine ex-USA police Harley and experience the true might and power of these incredible hogs on the open road.

Top Gear's 4x4 Experience with The Stig

Two Top Gear experiences in one - it's time to take the rough with the smooth. The Stig whips you round the Top Gear circuit like a man possessed. Then a 4x4 adventure tackling muddy gullies and steep inclines.

Monster Truck Ride and 4x4 Hot Ride

Perfect for adults and kids alike, experience the ride of a lifetime in a specially designed seat in the back of a 19 foot long, 7.5 tonne American monster truck. Afterwards, enjoy a 4x4 hot ride in a Land Rover.

DeLorean Blast

Calling all Back to the Future fanatics! Drive the one and only DeLorean, as seen in the movies, and take it up to the magical 88 mph mark - just like Doc and Marty. Great Scott!

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