Flying Activity Vouchers
Take to the skies in the widest selection of aircraft in the UK. From jet flights to helicopter experiences, we have the perfect gift for your high flyer.

Choose from Champagne Hot Air Balloon Flight, Extended Flying Lesson, 30 Minute Tiger Moth Flight, Dambusters Helicopter Tour or a Helicopter Tour over London.

There are Introductory Flying Lessons, Aerobatic Flights, a Microlight Flight for 60 minutes, a Champagne Balloon Flight or a 20 Minute Tiger Moth Flight. There truly is a flying experience for all tastes and ages.

Even the kids can get involved with these flying experiences with some having a minimum age of 12, 13 and 14(Check restrictions before purchasing). Children as young as 6 years are welcomed to the Flight Simulator Experience.

Purchase a Flying Activity Voucher for a special gift and give the love of your life memories that will last a lifetime. Better still, why not treat yourself to an experience to remember.

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Aerobatic Flight Experience

Take to the air with a highly trained aerobatic flying instructor and marvel as he throws the aeroplane around the skies. Barrel rolls, loops, stall turns, zoom climbs. This is a real adrenaline rush

Gliding Discovery Flight

Discover the joy of thermals you can use all year round at this long-established club that has been operating for over 40 years. It's an excellent environment for gliding - one of the most exciting sports there is!

Tandem Skydive

There is nothing that feels like a parachute jump. The huge adrenaline rush as you jump out of the aeroplane, the sensory overload as you plunge 2000 feet in freefall. Parachuting is an amazing feeling!

Tiger Moth Flight

Take to the skies just as the RAF pilots did when training for WWII. This incredible experience will truly take you back to a golden age of aviation as you take the controls of this vintage bi-plane.

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