Thrills and Spills Lifestyle Vouchers

Thrills and Spills Lifestyle Voucher Price: 99.99

Give this voucher as a gift to the adrenaline junkie in your life. Once they have received their voucher they will be able a choice from a selection of 200 adrenaline-filled experiences.An activity gift creates a memory that will last a lifetime and with this Thrills and Spills Lifestyle Voucher you are giving your recipient the ability to choose that memory. Redeem the voucher for an amazing experience.

Choose from Quad Bike Thrill for Two, Car Chase Heroes Triple Supercar Driving Blast, Classic Ferrari Experience, Audi R8 Driving Experience, Junior Driving Experience, Young Driver Experience at Bedford Autodrome, BMW M4 Driving Experience at Brands Hatch, Off Road Driving Experience at Thruxton, Porsche 997 Thrill, Rally Driving Experience with Passenger Ride at Brands Hatch, Nissan GTR Driving Experience, Two Supercar Driving Blast and Off Road Segway Rally, Junior Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche Cayman Driving Thrill at Thruxton, Junior 4x4 Discovery Driving Experience, Truck Driving Experience and many, many more.

Lamborghini Driving Thrill at Brands Hatch

Have you always wanted to own a Lamborghini? Many of us have but we've resolved ourselves to the reality of barely affording our Nissan. You can however zoom around Brands Hatch in the Italian supercar sensation for a fraction of the price.

The stylish, sleek Lamborghini Gallardo is capable of 0-60 in around 4 seconds. Take this legendary car for a six mile blast around the legendary Brands Hatch with an instructor sat by your side for a advice on how to get the best out of this delicious vehicle.

The steering wheel of the car which is usually reserved for the super rich and famous could now be in your hot sticky hands as you feel the force of the engine propelling you forward.

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Off Road Driving Experience
Test your skills at driving a 4x4 across exciting natural and man-made obstacles like water splashes, mud filled ruts and steep slopes with an expert instructor.
Go Karting for Two
The tension mounts as you and a friend sit on the start line top to toe in racing gear, waiting for the off. Set off at an alarming pace and discover who is the best driver.
Aston Martin DB9 Thrill
Try out the best known British supercar with this Thrills and Spills Lifestyle voucher. Drive the exclusive British Aston Martin DB9, 6litre V12, 186 mph, 62 mph in 4.9 seconds!
Zapcat Blast
Be prepared to have your socks knocked off. Take your seat in a race-ready Zapcat capable of pulling in excess of 2G in a turn. The acceleration is unlike anything you will have experienced so prepare to hold on for the ride of your life!
Quad Biking

Quad biking has fast become a staple for all adrenaline junkies, but if are still yet to try it, this is the perfect introduction. A qualified instructors who will teach you all the skills and techniques you need to handle the course.

Monster Truck Driving

For big girls and boys who like to play with even bigger toys, this is the perfect experience. Take the chance to get behind the wheel of a truly colossal monster truck and rampage around a rocky and muddy course.

Brands Hatch Triple Super Car

Take the thrill of driving to the next level and revel in the exhilaration as you take your favourite three supercars round the track with this incredible driving experience.
A treat not to be missed!

Aston Martin Vantage Thrill

This exciting experience combines an incredible driving thrill in a stylish and powerful Aston Martin Vantage with a scintillating three laps around the famous track at Goodwood.
A Great gift for any petrol head!

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